Mom To Mom – Make Snack Cake Butterflies

Here’s how to take a cute snack and make it even cuter for Valentine’s Day. This year for Valentine’s Day, I have been challenged with prepackaging my kid’s snacks. The schools are requiring this to happen, and I didn’t want to send anything boring, because it’s Valentine’s Day. So I came across these really cute cake snacks and wanted to spruce them up. So why not make a cute little butterfly valentine?

So it’s really easy to do. Your kids can help if they wanted to. But I came across these felt hearts that actually have stickers on the back. So it’s really easy to do. You just peel off the sticker, and then you assemble your little butterflies. I happen to have some felt laying around the house, but it’s really cheap and inexpensive. You can create the body of the butterfly and then cut it out, have some fun little ears or antennas, whatever you want to call them, put some eyes on there, and then you’ve got the cutest little cake snack that you can send to your kid’s school for Valentine’s Day.

I promise you they are going to love them. This is an easy way to make a fun snack even more fun. Moms, if you’ve got those ideas, we would love to hear it. Just post it to our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

  • Mandy Williamson
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