Mom to Mom – What New Moms Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Dr. Young from London Women’s Care has these tips for new moms about breastfeeding.

First thing is, a happy baby is a fed baby. So, whether it’s breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping and feeding, whichever works best for you and baby is the route to go. But there lots of benefits to breastfeeding both for mom and for baby. Specifically for baby, they do get the immunity from the breast milk, they get the great antibodies that mom’s already producing.

BreastfeedingFor mom, it helps reduce the risk of postpartum depression, helps with postpartum weight loss, bonding with the baby. It’s also cheaper than formula.

It also helps reduce risk of ovarian cancer later on in life. There is kind of a learning curve with breastfeeding, so I would recommend to the moms to use the specialist that they have at the hospital after you deliver, talk to the nurses, there is usually a lactation consultant. Have them come in, have them help you latch with the baby, and just practice, practice, practice. But overall, it is a great option and I think all moms should at least try it.

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