Mom to Mom: Picking the Best Pumpkin In the Patch

Sarah Pannell, “Hey, moms. We’re here at one of my favorite places, the pumpkin patch. I’ve got Kevin Evans here. Kevin, my kids love picking out pumpkins. I don’t know what I’m looking for in a pumpkin. What should you look for? What should you not look for?”

Kevin Evans, “If you get a pumpkin that’s got a nice color to it and a nice, good, stiff, dark green handle is what you kind of look for, your ideal thing. That’s kind of what you’re after. This one here, it’s got a lot of bug damage. The insects ate on them where we didn’t spray at the very end. This last one here, you see, compared to these, it’s a lighter color, the stem’s all wiry, and that’s what you really want to avoid. You’re after this nice, hard shell. If you got a nice, dark stem that’s solid, even if it’s faded out some, if it’s solid, that gives you a good idea the insides are pretty good yet.”

Sarah Pannell, “It all boils down to firmness here and firmness here.”

Kevin Evans, “And a little luck.”

Sarah Pannell, “These pumpkins are your carving pumpkins?”

Kevin Evans, “Yes.”

Sarah Pannell, “You don’t make pies out of these pumpkins?”

Kevin Evans, “99% of them are for carving.”

Sarah Pannell, “Gotcha.”

Kevin Evans, “They’re a soft shell, so they’re not a hard shell. As far as cooking, we use a lot of the pie pumpkins, but these are mostly carving.”

Sarah Pannell, “All right, Kevin. Thank you so much for joining us. You’ve given us some great tips.”

Kevin Evans, “Thank you.”

Sarah Pannell, “All right, moms. Connect with me on Facebook, and I’ll see you all next week.”

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