Mom To Mom – Putting Viral Hacks to the Test

We’ve got three hacks we’re going to try out. First is the onion hack. Supposedly, if you stick the onion in the freezer for an hour, when you pull it out and slice it up, you won’t cry. It’s been in the freezer for an hour.

Mom To Mom - Cutting OnionsNormally when you do onions, you start crying and I’m going to be honest, I really don’t smell anything right now and I’m actually going kind of fast so let’s see. I think I’m going to say this one’s a good hack.

Up next is the cheese grater for hard butter. I’ve never heard of this one, it’s fairly interesting. So if you’ve got hard butter and you don’t want to melt it in the microwave, they say just to grate it, so here we go. And actually, it’s working. They say it’s easier to make biscuits and stuff like that with this graded butter. What? It looks like cheese. I’m going to say this is a good one, too.

Mom To Mom - Windex to Unstick a RingAnd last, if you’ve ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger, they say use Windex to get it off so we’re going to try this right here. I mean, mine’s pretty stuck because I’ve had it on for quite some time, see? All right, so here we go. I’m getting it in there. Wow, that actually came off pretty easy. I would have to say this Windex hack really works and look how clean that is.

It turns out these three hacks are a go. You can definitely try them out at your house. Moms, if you have any hacks that you’d like for me to try, post them to our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

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