Mom To Mom – Scavenger Hunt To Teach Kids About Gratitude

The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is a perfect way to get your kids active and moving around the home, all while searching for those things that they are grateful for. Natural Beach Living has a chart, which you can get here, and print off which gives you all kinds of things for your kids to do.

You can do it each day that they’re home or you can do the whole list in one day and maybe just have a conversation about some of the things that they picked up. Some of the things that you will find on this list for your kids to do; find something outside that you enjoy looking at. Find something that is your favorite color. Another one is discover something new, so they can walk all around the house and find something new that they haven’t necessarily noticed before. Another one is find something you are grateful for.

There’s just a lot of really awesome things on this list. Things that your kids can appreciate a lot more around the home. If you’re finding yourself a little aggravated and upset with the kids, this is the perfect exercise for you to do around the house. Get them active, get them moving and get that conversation started about how to be more thankful for the things that they have.

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