Mom to Mom: Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is a type of major depressive disorder that’s recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. And it occurs with a seasonal pattern, meaning that you have depressive symptoms in the fall and the winter and it remits in the spring and summer. It usually occurs in women in their twenties. In the early child bearing ages.

Some symptoms of depression, especially this time of year, is overeating, weight gain, craving carbohydrates. You can become very tearful, depressed, and you want to sleep all the time. Decreased energy and irritability. Worse symptoms would be suicidal thoughts. At that point you need to go to the ER and get some help.

Treatments for seasonal depression can include medication. They can visit their doctor and they can put them on a medication. They need to exercise 30 minutes, five days a week. They need to be going out socially, trying to stay involved in things, and possibly therapy.

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