Mom To Mom: Sun Safety

Dr. Katrina Hood has tips on sun safety and how to protect kids outside during the summer.

Dr. Katrina Hood, “There’s a lot of things. Some of it is sunscreen, but the other is just prevention of sunburn, so you need to not be out in the brightest of sun, if you can at all prevent it. If you know you’re going to need to be out in the sun, then you want a broad spectrum that gets your UVA and your UVB sun protection, so broad spectrum is important. It can be 15 to 30. Much above that, it probably doesn’t gain you much benefit. Application should be before you head out in the sun, but any time you put it on if you know you’re in the sun is better than nothing, so smear it on.

Babies under six months, they try to really avoid it, just because you don’t want to be in the direct sun. If you’re going to be in direct sun, though, use sunscreen. For those that are older, reapplication is important as well, as well as hats and sunglasses. Then the message that we all need to pass on to our kids is that we obey those rules as well so that our children are being able to mimic the things that we are doing for them.

Sun exposure really allows for the bad things for your skin. We’re trying to protect our children so that when they’re older, we’re not going to risk them having skin cancer.”

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