Mom To Mom – Turn Those Old Easter Eggs Into a Learning Tool

Here are some great tips on how to turn these old Easter eggs into a great learning tool.

We all have that endless amount of old Easter eggs that the kids had. But we never know what to do with them, and I hate throwing them away. So I found this great tip and it’s using old Easter eggs as learning tools. I have written a number on here on a pink egg. And what the kids have to do is find three pink pom-poms and put it in there. And viola, they’ve learned to count and they’re recognizing the numbers.

The next thing is you can use this as an addition tool. You put different variations of a addition problem, 5 + 1 = 6, 2 + 4 = 6, and they literally just have to turn it around and that’s a good way to memorize those addition problems.

And I’ve used these to teach upper case and lower case, reading. You just turn it around, write different variations of a word, pop, top, mop. Turn it around and they learn how to sound out their letters.

Easter EggsFor those little ones out there, you could teach letter recognition. Put your little letters in there and it’s kind of fun for them to open it. And they just say, “Oh mom, that’s a J.” So that’s a fun way to teach them letter recognition.

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— Sarah Pannell

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