Mom To Mom: Tips on Creating Healthy Habits for Your Kids

Here are some tips on creating and keeping healthy habits for your kids. Joining us today is Dr. Booth. Thank you so much for joining us. Keeping the kiddos healthy. It’s a struggle no matter what time of year.Baby eating apple

Dr. Rebekah Booth, “Yes, yes. Well, keeping kids healthy is a big part of my job as a pediatrician. We encourage basically three major things to keep your kids healthy year-round, diet, exercise, and sleep. When it comes to diet, we do have to start that early for the kids right at table diet. You need to be providing a good variety, ideally having fruits and vegetables every meal with a serving of five fruits and vegetables every single day. We do encourage to limit the sweetened drinks like juice and soda and stick with more milk and water for our small kids.”

Kids running“When it comes to exercise, that also has to start early. Once they’re playing and running around, you need to be running around with them. Indoor play is ideal for wintertime, otherwise, try to get your kids outside consistently for 30 to 60 minutes every single day.”

Girl sleeping“Sleep is sometimes a neglected part of their overall health, but we do encourage about 10 hours of sleep for our smaller kids and still in the ballpark of eight to nine hours for even our teenagers. The other things is our quality of sleep, and that will definitely impacted by devices, so we want to turn those off before bedtime.”

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