Monoclonal treatments offered outside Parkridge hospital

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Monoclonal treatments for COVID-19 are growing in popularity.

They first become available in Dalton in late August, and now through Access Pharmacy in Hixson.

“What it is, is two different monoclonal antibodies that are basically used to prevent the spike protein in COVID from entering the body’s cells. So it reduces viral load and thus it reduces transmission prevents hospitalization and it gives a layer of protection for about 90 days afterward,” says Pharmacy CEO Dr. Jacob Standefer.

The pharamcy has set up a drive thru treatment clinic outside Parkridge hospital.

Standefer says you have to meet certain criteria to get the treatment.

“High risk medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, things like that – and if they have a positive COVID test, they can get it.”

But in some cases, you don’t even need a positive COVID test.

“Say your wife has it and you have high risk medical conditions or you’re unvaccinated, you would actually qualify for it as well even though you’re not positive at the moment,” he says.

And yes, you do need a prescription to get it.

“Whether it’s written by a pharmacist, a physician, a PA, what have you, we do have to have a prescription for it so that you qualify for those conditions, and then we schedule you.”

Dr. Standefer says he hopes it makes a difference in fighting rising hospitalizations statewide.

“Here in Tennessee we’re one of the worst states as far as COVID cases go and our emergency rooms are getting overrun and the whole point of this therapy and outpatient setting is to keep people out of the hospital.”

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