Monteagle firefighters quit to support fired chief Mike Holmes

MONTEAGLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The city of Monteagle is scrambling to find a new fire department.

The vice mayor fired chief Mike Holmes after a workshop on Monday.

Chief Holmes has recently been convicted of negligent homicide for the death of Shelby Comer.

Holmes was a Grundy County deputy at the time, when he was involved in a chase.

He fired into the car, striking the passenger.

After charges were filed, Holmes was fired from the county, even though the Sheriff supports him.

The legal question for Monteagle is whether they can keep a convicted felon on the job.

One attorney is advising them that they should keep him until he is sentenced, but Tony Gilliam chose to fire him immediately.

As soon as they heard about the firing, all 15 firefighters resigned.

City leaders spent Tuesday trying to find replacements.

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