More than 200 dogs rescued in Bradley County hoarding case

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tennessee(WDEF) – The SPCA of Bradley County is trying to find shelter for more than 200 dogs that were part of a hoarding situation.

The case started around 9 A.M. on Wednesday when sheriff deputies responded to a disturbance call at a home on the 1400 block of Candies Creek Road.

They quickly discovered hundreds of dogs that were being housed in unhealthy conditions. That discovery led to the SPCA getting involved.

"We found dogs in their own feces. Tons and tons of dogs. We counted 237 dogs in one building alone," said SPCA volunteer Ashley Crittenden.

Another six dogs were inside the home. Each kennel reportedly contained  dogs that were climbing on top of each other in a cramped space. Some not even a day old but born in filth.

"This is the worst I’ve seen. Like I said the number of dogs is just terrible," Crittenden said.

Several of the dogs were in such bad shape that they were immediately taken to an animal hospital for medical attention.

By Wednesday afternoon, the SPCA was so overwhelmed by the number of dogs, they sent out a May-Day for help.

"We need transportation. We need help with the vet bills. We need lots of people to come together as a community and help us help these dogs. And just help the situation," Crittenden said.

So far, several organizations including the Chattanooga Humane Society has jumped in to offer help.

"The conditions of the animals is the priority. If there is anything we can do we’re going to help specifically with any sick or injured animals. The ones that need attention right now, that’s why we’re here," said Humane Society Executive Director Bob Citrullo.

The Chattanooga Humane Society will take some of the dogs on Thursday.

As for the woman who owned the dogs, WDEF was told she is cooperating with authorities and will likely have animal neglect charges filed against her.

If anyone is interested in helping the SPCA by giving financial donations, they can do so by Paypal. The account is

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