More To The Story: A voter guide

Dave talks to the man behind a voter guide that focuses on who the candidate is more than their talking points

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Who to vote for? Always an important decision in our country. Many times, people say they simply don’t have enough information on the candidates.

There are many forms of “voter guides” out there to help. For example, Rick Toner is the coordinator of one such guide here in Hamilton County.

The website is Toner says it’s different. It’s like an individual resume for each candidate.

“We are different. Most voter guides out there are yes and no answers. You don’t get to know about the candidate. Reading some of the answers we receive, it really gets personal with them. We get to feel like they are part of us.”

Toner says specific questions were asked of all candidates running for county office. And 82 percent of the candidates responded.

Toner says this voter guide is, like many, church based. But he says only one question asked of the candidates has anything to do with the Bible. A question on the Ten Commandments. All of the others are issue based. And he stresses: non partisan.

“It is neutral. It gives everybody a chance to look at candidates equally. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. Churches have both. We simply want people to have an opportunity to know who’s out there.”

The website, like most, is open to the public. You can read what the local candidates have to say. In their own words.

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