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CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia (WDEF) – It’s after school hours in Chickamauga. But this classroom is buzzing with youngsters. You see, these fourth and fifth graders have work to do!

“The robots pick up four balls. And then they go for the long shot. First, they shoot two balls. Then they go back and get four balls. Then they go back and shoot.”

“When I was in fourth and fifth grade, I was thinking about………well I don’t know what I was thinking about. But I guarantee you one thing: I wasn’t thinking about robotics. But that’s what makes these 14 kids at Chickamauga Elementary School so very special!”

Yessir! Ben Cherry’s class is all about robotics. That’s what these kids are building. Robots. Using technology, math and science.
They practice at least two or three times a week. Even Ben Cherry himself is surprised by their resolve!

“I really am. For the commitment level they have at this age. For a youngster to come in and ask if they can give up PE or my recess to build a new robot.”

Maybe what’s most remarkable? This is the team’s first year of existence. In fact, it only started back in November. So far, the results are staggering.

One of the two teams in the class is ranked first in the state. 20th in the nation. 57th in the world.

That’ll get you some respect!!

“It was really cool. When we came back to school from competition, everybody was congratulating us. It was a really cool experience.”

“These kids give up a lot of time. We tried out 97 kids this year in fourth and fifth grade. We selected 14 kids. They have surpassed all expectations.”

Next up for the kids is Dallas, Texas in early May. They’ll compete against some 600 other teams from all over the world. With a goal of bringing home some more hardware.
From Chickamauga, Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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