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Dave looks at how the tournament at Council Fire keeps growing

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Another year of the Chattanooga Choo Choo Invitational at Council Fire is “in the books!”

It was the 10th year of the event.

And organizers are confident the tournament will continue to grow.

As it has for the past decade.

Hosting a golf tournament…..especially with your sights on it becoming one of the premiere amateur tournaments in the Southeast……is never an easy task.

But those who organized and started the Choo Choo Invitational 10 years ago established a “commitment to excellence.”
So it’s no real surprise the event is growing. And getting better every year.

“Not really. A lot of people had a dream. A dream of giving back to the sport of amateur golf. It’s really a dedicated love we have with it.”

“No. I really felt we could do it. In five years. In ten years. I believe in 15 years, we’ll be even stronger. I think we’re on track.”

One of the organizers goals was to have the tournament broadcast live. That happened this year. Rounds two and three were live streamed on the internet.

As far as sponsorship, the city of Chattanooga has now jumped in to back the tournament. That’s another goal met!!

There are amateur tournaments in our region that have been around longer. After all, the Choo Choo Invitational is only 10 years old. But organizers say there’s lots of room for growth. And the players here seem to love it!

“I love this event. It’s my third time here now. I think the course is great. The competition is really good. It’s well run. It’s fun to play in!”

“I think it’s a cool tournament. With cool players, from really high end schools. It’s really fun and enjoyable to play in!”

The ones who started this tournament wanted it to be played exactly at this time of the summer. To promote the tournament, promote the golf course. And to promote Chattanooga. It appears, so far, so good.

From Council Fire, Dave Staley, News 12!

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