More To The Story: Cleveland Greenway Bridge

Dave Staley has the rest of the story on an old bridge that is getting new life in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Back in late January, we saw a ribbon cutting ceremony in Cleveland for a bridge. A completely renovated walking bridge that will be the centerpiece of a new greenway for folks to enjoy.

Most people probably don’t know anything about the bridge. But it’s a hidden jewel. For you see, the Dobbs-Ford Bridge, by all accounts, is the oldest steel truss highway bridge in Tennessee. 144 years old.

One cannot understate its importance back in 1878!

“This bridge bridged communities. It allowed farmers to get their crops in Bradley County to and from market. Without getting their feet wet. It allowed kids to go to school.”

Local bridge historian Calvin Sneed knows bridges. Especially this one. Years ago, this bridge was actually moved from its original spot to where it is now. The last car to drive on it was years ago as well.

It’s interesting how these things all work out. For years, this area was a golf course. The bridge was used for getting a golf cart from one side of Candies Creek to the other.

But then the course closed…..and in 2006, the 175 acres of land was bought by a church. And now, work on the new greenway, after sprucing up the bridge, is underway!!!

“This was like the cart before the horse. We now have another grant that stipulates the project be completed by December 31st of this year. That bridge is dead center of the Candies Creek Greenway.”

“People can walk now, they can jog on it, they can ride their bicycles across it. After 144 years, this bridge is still serving a very useful purpose.”

For many years, this bridge just…kind of…..sat there. Not anymore. Because this little “slice of Americana” is now alive and well.
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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