More to the Story: COVID Response

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Jennifer Davis is a registered nurse, working for LifeSpring Community Health. She heads the group’s COVID response team.

LifeSpring was actually one of the first local facilities to administer vaccinations when the pandemic started.

Davis says things have quieted down quite a bit since back then. But the nonprofit continues to try and reach out to people.

“We are definitely giving less shots now than at the beginning,” Davis said. “But we have different ways of giving out the vaccinations. We certainly have regular times when people can come in here. But we also have community events. That’s when we have more. We’re coming to them.”

CDC says some 229 million Americans, 70 percent of the population, have had the initial COVID shot. But only 48 million, only 15 percent, have been boosted.

Interestingly, cases of COVID and hospitalizations are down right now. But deaths from the virus are up. They are at the highest level since back in August.

That’s why Davis says it’s still important to emphasize people following all of the precautions. She says she believes COVID isn’t going anywhere.

“I think COVID will be constantly changing. There will always be new rules and vaccines,” Davis said. “I think it’s more under control now than it ever has been. And I do think the vaccines work. But it’s definitely a moving piece.”

Davis echoes what just about all in the health industry will tell you. We’re all most likely going to have to learn to live with the coronavirus.

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