More To The Story: Hard to Place Pets

Dave looks at the problem of animals with disabilties

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Carnell is enjoying life. We should be envious! Carnell can whack down a can of cheese whiz in no time.

He loves to swim. He spends as much time in the water as he possibly can.

And if you have a tire in your yard, he’ll take a crack at that as well.

Carnell does all of this with no hearing. He’s deaf. Which makes finding a “forever home” somewhat of a difficult task.

McKamey Animal Center is filled with pets that are waiting to be adopted. But they only have two right now that are deaf. That makes things even more challenging.

“Deaf dogs frustrate people. We as humans rely on auditory cues to get our dogs to come to us. He’s deaf. So he’ll miss those cues. We humans get frustrated because it looks like he’s blowing us off.”

The pandemic has really affected animal shelters such as McKamey. At near capacity. For many folks, money is tight. Priorities are different. And adoptions are slowing down.

And it’s really a challenge for a youngster such as Carnell. He came to McKamey almost a year ago. He’s been adopted twice. But then returned both times.

But his handlers are confident he’ll find the right family!

“Even though he’s been adopted a couple of times, we view it as the right people simply haven’t come around yet. But in those two adoptions, we learned a lot about him. So it’s not a failure.”

To adopt a dog like Carnell, you’ll probably need to learn some hand signals. It’s part of his training.

But those who work with the pets at McKamey, such as Carnell, say adoptions will eventually happen. When the right family accepts the pet…..not for who they want him to be….but for who he actually is.

Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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