More To The Story: Local teen wins contest to try out a high-end new mobility device

The Zeen does things a normal wheelchair can't

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – 15 year old Joel Westbrook has spina bifida. Every day, he and his Mom, Wendy, strap on the braces. So Joel can get around. He’ll use his wheelchair as well.

One night, Wendy was on the internet. And saw a contest sponsored by ZEEN. It’s the latest invention in mobility devices. Much more than just your standard wheelchair.

It was a national contest. Winner would receive a free trip to Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. And a chance to use the ZEEN prototype. Wendy said, hey, what the heck!!!

“We dreamed of something like this. I saw it and said this is perfect. So, it would only take five minutes to enter and put my name in. And write a little something about Joel. I didn’t think anymore about it after that.”

Shortly thereafter, the call came in. Joel was the winner. He didn’t even know his Mom had entered a contest. Complete surprise.

So come this April, Joel and his family are off to California. Here’s Joel trying out ZEEN for the first time.

Because of all of the challenges Joel faces, he says this device could be a game changer!

“Recently, I went to a ZZ Top concert. In my wheelchair. I was in braces, sitting down, and when ZZ Top came out, everybody stood up. I could not see anything. So I had to stand up the whole time to see them.”

This device could certainly alleviate that concern. It has all the bells and whistles. To include raising up the chair.
Wendy says as exciting as it is for Joel, it’s exciting for her as well! Especially when traveling!

“We have to take his wheelchair, his braces, his crutches. The ZEEN would be one piece of equipment. He could walk with it, sit with it, roll with it…… piece would take care of all of that.”

When it goes into full production, the ZEEN will cost about 3-thousand dollars.
Joel says the new device just might help him make the 2028 Paralympic Games.
Did I mention that Joel is also a karate champion??
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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