More To The Story: The Boulevard Project

Dave meets the people who have a plan to improve Rossville and Rossville Boulevard

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) –  The Boulevard Project is a grassroots organization. It’s goal is to improve the Rossville Boulevard corridor.

How to accomplish that? Improve food access, improve safety, increase transportation and add businesses to the area.

This long street has been somewhat of a desert for quite some time. The Boulevard Project, along with the Rossville Downtown Development Authority, hope to change that.

“We have an energizing group of business owners who are interested in making this area a better community.”

“I am from Rossville. I remember the John Ross Festival. I remember when the duck pond was the place to go. I look forward to the energy we can have, as we move towards the future.”

The BLVD Project is already out and about. Trying to improve the aesthetics of the area. Hanging signs, digging, planting. Lots of folks working together. Trying to shine a much needed light on the community.
Project director Heather Herweyer says in time, it can be done.

“The ‘walkability’ we have here is really good. If you go anywhere….either side of the state line……within a quarter of a mile, there’s a lot of assets. We simply need to do a better job of connecting all of the assets.”

The Project, along with the Downtown Development Authority, just finished up hosting a one day open air market on the state line.

There’ll be another one in July, as well as August. On the first Friday of each month.

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