More To The Story: The Snowy Owl photographer

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The “Snowy Owl” is a very rare bird. Certainly not a bird you’d see in Chattanooga. But one local photojournalist saw one. In her neighborhood and took pictures.

Now, she’s doing all she can to spread her enjoyment of the natural world.

And, the Snowy Owl!

News 12’s Dave Staley is just the man to tell us about it, in tonight’s installment of “More To The Story With Staley!”

Kathleen Greeson is a photojournalist. She’s had her own business for some 15 years, wanting to control her own images. Kathleen takes a lot of pictures.  specially of the natural world. Specifically, birds. Lots of birds.

So one Sunday night almost a year ago, Kathleen was at home, with her husband Jay and two kids, when her cellphone buzzed!

“My neighbors are pretty serious birders. They always tell me when there’s something interesting in town. So they sent me a text, saying there’s a Snowy Owl in Chattanooga. I thought they were kidding. But sure enough, the next day, we went out and found it sitting on a rooftop in Chattanooga.”

Kathleen said she couldn’t believe it. She saw it for three days. Taking pictures of the little friend each day. Thing of it is: this is not a bird that hangs out in our neck of the woods. Ever!

“We’ve never had one in Chattanooga. It’s native to the Tundra. It’s a long ways from home to show up in Chattanooga.”

Kathleen says she did not want to personally profit from her Snowy Owl pictures. So she hooked up with the Aquarium. And that’s where ALL of the money raised from her print sales is going. So far, she’s raised over 4-thousand dollars. Actually, surprising everybody! And the campaign isn’t over. There’s no expiration date my friends!!

“Not currently! I guess at some point, people will stop buying Snowy Owl prints. When that day comes, I’ll take the gallery down. But until then, I’ll keep it going!”

Kathleen says she’ll re-release her gallery next month. As the Snowy Owl……lives on!!! Head to her website:!!!

Just so you know, Kathleen uses a high quality, long lens to take her wildlife pictures. That keeps her far away from her subject, never wanting to disturb our natural habitat.

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