More To The Story: The Tik Tok Therapist

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Trey Tucker is a McCallie grad. Class of 1998. He’s now a licensed therapist here in Chattanooga. He’s been helping others for the past decade or so. Helping with anxiety, depression, grief, identity…..all kinds of thoughts and feelings.

Just a while back, Tucker decided to enter the world of social media. On a professional level. Tik Tok to be exact. Quick hitting mental health tips. Each one 30 seconds or so.

He says the results were shocking!!!

“I never anticipated doing this at all. I have friends… in particular…. who hounded me to put mental health tips on social media. I was reluctant. Long story short, it seems to have helped people. It’s been a fun challenge.”

And a challenge that’s garnering a ton of attention. Tucker now has some 830-thousand followers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Over eight and a half million likes. Some of his videos have over 3-million views.

It’s also put him in position to speak at conferences. This one, for example, in Miami, earlier this month.

Tucker says his goal isn’t to improve his business. He’s just looking to help people.

“Most therapists are addicted to helping people. It doesn’t replace the face-to-face interaction. But it does impact people I’ll never know. Or never see face-to-face. Overall, it’s been fun.”

Tucker says there’s a lot of good information out there on mental health. But a lot of bad info as well.

He says all he’s trying to do is use social media… a positive way.
Dave Staley, News 12

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