More To The Story: The Westside Easter Egg hunt

Dave Staley shares the story behind the annual hunt for kids

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It’s almost time for Easter! This year, it’s on April 17th. And that means it’s time for another Westside Easter Egg Hunt. It’s all organized and sponsored by a Chattanooga native, who simply wants to give back to our community.

His name is William Jones Odom. But most know him by his stage name: Coogi Doogi. Coogi is from Chattanooga. He’s an entertainer. But he’s always trying to give back. Thus, Coogi is sponsoring his 9th annual Westside Easter Egg Hunt, on East Sunday, April 17th.

It is…just what it sounds like: an Easter egg hunt!!

“I get my siblings together, and get all the kids together, and then we put the eggs down. Two big Easter egg baskets will be awarded to the girl and boy who has the most eggs. I love it and the kids love it as well.”

The 31 year old Jones Odom is a hip hop/rap artist. But he says it’s all about putting a smile on a kids face. He says it’s the heart that matters.
And people are noticing his work. He’s been honored with a Distinguished Citizen Award by Hamilton County. His birthday is on June the 8th. And June 8th will be “Coogi Doogi Day!”

Coogi says it’s a wonderful honor!

“It amazes me. I’m really touched. It’s so exciting. I’m at a loss for words. It’s a dream come true. I’ve been working for over ten years to give back to our community. I’m a Godly person and I love every bit of it.”

Coogi says if you’d like to help in any way with the egg hunt, just look for him on social media. He says there’s nobody else with the name Coogi Doogi.

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