More To The Story: Why are people moving to Chattanooga?

Dave Staley looks at the new study on why people are moving here

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – People move around the country for all kinds of reasons. Here in Chattanooga, people come to us for our beauty, for our recreation, our cost of living, our life-style. That’s naming just a few.

But according to a new survey by a national moving company, we’re growing moreso than most!

According to this survey, 2021 was a good year for Tennessee. With more people coming in….than leaving. In fact, 62 percent of the moves in Tennessee were inbound.

And that, according to United Van Lines……who’s conducted this survey for 45 years now…….ranks Tennessee 7th on the list of top moving destinations for this past year.
People continue to flock to the southern states. That is not a surprising trend.

“We have seen a growing trend with Tennessee over the past few years. We see the inbound percentage increase. We see an increase in numbers for Chattanooga as well. Last year, it was ranked 131st. This year it’s 45th. We see a drastic increase for numbers in Tennessee.”

The survey shows that folks are also leaving the big cities, and moving to midsized cities such as Chattanooga. Leaving the heavily populated areas.
Also leaving because of early retirement. And to be closer to their families. Why? Well, the pandemic comes into play here too!

” What we also see is a different thing across the country. Now people can work from anywhere. So people are moving for different reasons.”

On the flip side, for the fourth year in a row, New Jersey tops the charts as far as people splitting the scene.
In fact, 71 percent of the moves in The Garden State were outbound.
Exactly the opposite of what we have here in our state!
Dave Staley, News 12.

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