More To The Story: Why do some people age quicker than others?

Dave Staley talks to the UTC professor who has been studying the issue

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – This is the MultiDisciplinary Research Building on the campus of UTC. The SimCenter. A lot of smart people are here.

This man is one of the best: Dr. Hong Qin. He’s a professor of computer science and research.

His research….condensed into these two pages….only two pages…has brought him a very prestigious honor.

As Dr. Qin advances to the second round of the Global Research Challenge. One of only 20 people in the USA this year to do so.

The 54 year old doctor’s been researching the matter of ageing since 2004. In a nutshell, why some folks age quicker than others.

“In this project, I use artificial intelligence to find out why some people have a slower ageing clock. Why some get older and then have a slower ageing clock. I want to find out why. And why it makes us healthier.”

In simple terms, the SimCenter is a computer center. Dr. Qin’s been working here since 2006. Teaching students about computer science. And things such as cyber security.

As for his research on the subject of ageing, he says great progress has been made in the last 30 years.

He says someday, we might live longer by simply taking a pill. Or receiving a shot.

But that will come with a challenge, with needed solutions. Because in less than ten years, researchers say older people almost certainly wil outnumber younger people.

“There is a health and economic cost with people becoming older. Many marketing plans are addressed to the younger people. Changes will need to be made for the older people. Think of eyesight and hearing. For example, Smartphones are not really designed for older people.”

Dr. Qin says the Global Research Competition is all about ideas. Those who advance to the next round will be announced in about 18 months.
Dave Staley, News 12.

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