More To The Story with Staley: New Red Bank Park

Dave takes a look at the new and improved playground in town

RED BANK, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Joe Glasscock Red Bank Community Center certainly has a new look!

With Red Bank’s city leaders making it official! Cutting the tape on the new and improved community playground.

There wasn’t really much to this community center for quite awhile. Just an old pavilion and a beat up swing set. But not anymore!!!

Bright, shiny and ready for use by the youngsters. As Public Works Director Greg Tate says, it’ll be a popular place!!

“It is! You can see the middle school and the high school down below us. Everyday, kids will come up here and utilize this place. Some using the free wifi, some getting out of the sun. Yes, it’ll get a lot of use!”

Planning on this new facility cranked up about two years ago. But because of various issues, to include budget concerns, the actual work on the project only started last month.

Red Bank Mayor Hollie Berry says the time had come. It was needed. Because it’s all about the Mom’s, Dad’s and children.

“We are a family friendly community. We have lots of young families moving in. Plus, the number of young kids in our area is growing. Everybody wants a safe place to play and hang out. And you want options as well. You want to be able to try different playgrounds, as well as go to different parts of town.”

It cost roughly 64-thousand dollars to upgrade this little gem. 40-thousand came from taxpayer money. The other 24 came from a local grant.

Happy swinging! From Red Bank, Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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