More To The Story with Staley: Pat Blankenship

Dave follows up on his profile of the octogenarian painter

HIXSON, Tennessee (WDEF) – It’s a two-day, open house -slash – customer appreciation affair at Emma’s Hair Salon in Hixson.

Food is plentiful. Every finger food one might have a hankering for.

And owner Tammy Bertrand always has a number of things for sale! Here, she’s arranging a number of rings. Made by her friend Joselyn.

But in the middle of it all: paintings. Paintings by her great friend Pat Blankenship.

Pat took up painting during the pandemic. She hasn’t stopped. Pumping out four or five paintings every week.

Pat’s sold a number of her paintings. But there’s more where that came from!

“All of the walls are full in my garage. All of the paintings are also stacked where I actually paint. I need a path to walk through. I need to sell some to get them out of my way!”

Tammy was more than happy to include Pat’s artwork in her open house.

She says Pat’s paintings were excellent to start with. And even better now.

“The improvement is unbelievable. When I walk into her studio I’m amazed at how much more realistic and beautiful the paintings really are.”

Pat says she doesn’t necessarily paint seasonal works. She just paints what she sees…..what she’s seen….and what she feels.
Good for the soul my friends!

“I tell her all the time she’s getting younger every time I see her. I feel her paintings have made her witty. And funny. Just really bright.”

Tammy says she’ll always keep some of Pat’s paintings at her salon in Hixson.

Just in case the customers would like to make a purchase.

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