More to the Story with Staley – Skillet Curling

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — It’s billed as a combination of bocce ball and curling. “Skillet Curling!” And that’s what almost 100 good folks will be doing come later this month on “Ice On The Landing” at the Choo Choo.

Chattanooga’s fourth annual “Skillet Curling Tournament” will be double elimination.

Four people per team. Eight times back and forth. Throwing frying pans at a target.

Most points win. Or the first one to 11 wins.

“A lot of the teams have uniforms. And unique names. They love coming out. There are some serious teams. And then some teams that have never set foot on ice. There are various degrees of experience,” Tournament Director Phil Harris said.

Lodge Cast Iron in South Pittsburg supplies the skillets. A lot of them. Because as Phil Harris says, these 10-inch kitchen utensils were not necessarily meant to be smashing into each other!!!

“We usually use about 60 to 70 skillets a year. We break a lot of them. They get cold and brittle. And then with hard throws, they’ll shatter. In our first practice, we broke 10-12 skillets,” Harris said.

The 24 teams in the tournament are not only having fun. They’re trying to raise money as well: for the Chattanooga Food Bank.

The goal is to raise enough cash for roughly 55,000 meals.

“When I first got involved, we raised a few hundred dollars. We raised 5,000 dollars last year. This year that goal is 20!” Harris said.

Harris says during the two-day tournament, which will take place on January 28 and 29, the teams of men and women will combine to play almost 50 matches.

All for charity and fun.

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