More to the Story with Staley: The Hart Gallery

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Hart Gallery is located in downtown Chattanooga. It’s a place where local artists can go and apply their skills. Now, the gallery is hosting a new exhibit, which is very cutting edge!

The Hart Gallery is a place for local artists. For those who face various challenges, such as homelessness.

Their works are usually put on a display and up for sale.

Speaking of display, how about a new exhibit? It’s different!

“Our goal is accessibility. But sometimes, it seems as if art is the last frontier,” said Courtney Chandler, Gallery Director. “You know, they frown on people touching the actual Mona Lisa. We’re thrilled that here, you can come and really touch the Mona Lisa.”

The exhibit is designed for those experiencing visual impairments.

There are six paintings, from different art movements across time. Such as the period known as The Renaissance.

“Instead of being hung on the wall, the paintings sit on the floor. And they can be touched and listened to,” Chandler explained. “Each has an audio description, with sensors, that allows the user to hear and actually feel that description.”

The exhibit is on loan from a company up in the Northeast. It’s on display at the gallery until May 20.

Gallery Director Courtney Chandler says so far, a lot of people are making good use of it!

“We have a group of artists who are low vision. And we recently hosted a large group that were in town. So, we saw a group of about 100-150 people who experienced the artwork,” she said.

Chandler says that art can be a great healing tool. Something like this can take things one step further.

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