More to the Story with Staley: Veteran’s BBQ Camp

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Most of us love it! A tasty treat on the grill, and all that comes with it.

But for this man, it’s a therapeutic hobby. One he shares with others.

You see, Frank Magana is a 40-year-old veteran. He had a tough time returning home from his tour of duty overseas in Iraq.

PTSD. He needed some help.

“I wanted to hang out with people, but I couldn’t do it in public. I couldn’t relax. So, I thought if I barbequed at my house, where I felt comfortable, people would come,” Magana said. “I didn’t realize it was therapy at the time, but it was just something to keep my mind busy. So, I figured if I barbequed good enough, people would come to me.”

Frank decided he wanted to help other veterans. Helping them alleviate the effects of PTSD. So, he started Veterans Barbeque Camp.

And that’s what they do: barbeque. Frank’s organization provides all the tools, even housing.

The vets are taught everything from smoking ribs to butchering a hog!

“They had lost part of themselves. They didn’t know where to find other vets that they could network with,” Magana continued. “One great thing about the camp is that it’s created a network where they can hang out and show off what they’ve learned. It’s really cool.”

The next BBQ Camp for the vets is in October. The fundraising for the event is now underway.

It’s just another example of how one man can make a huge difference.

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