More To The Story: “You Have No Idea”

When the pandemic shut her business down, she decided to write a book

RED BANK, Tennessee (WDEF) – It’s a locally owned business on Chattanooga’s Main Street. Merchants on Main. This is the owner, Missy Steiner, flipping through the pages of a book. More on that book in a moment.

As for the store, it’s an eclectic place. Steiner rents out space to various merchants. Then they set up their own little shop. Selling their wares.

A wide variety of things. From furniture to paintings to a Mr. Rogers mug!

But the pandemic hit Missy’s business hard. She missed her customers. And the shutdown left her with nothing to do. So at the age of 60, Missy Steiner, a Red Bank native, decided to, of all things, write a book.

“I pinch myself everyday that I actually have a book. It’s nothing short of a small miracle. I just can’t believe it.”

Missy says she doesn’t consider herself to be a writer. She says she’s more of a storyteller. That would seem to be a good trait to have if you’re going to write a book.

Steiner’s book is called “You Have No Idea.” It’s a collection of all the stories that she has regarding the fun and quirky characters that have graced her business over the past decade.

176 pages of fun and laughter. It’s been on the shelf for about a month now. Already selling hundreds of copies. Not bad for a first time author!!!!

“I was a little overwhelmed not having been an English major or really having any idea. But I knew the stories were funny, so I didn’t give up.”

No, she most certainly didn’t. Steiner says her goal wasn’t to make a lot of money. It was just to make people laugh. She says we need that right now.

“It was fun to write. I like to make people laugh and feel good. It was easy. Just like breathing.”

Steiner self published the book through Amazon. That’s where you can order it. Or… can simply find it by walking through the front door of Missy’s shop.

Dave Staley, News 12 Now

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