Morning Pointe Assisted Living creates Visitation Booth

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Last week, Governor Bill Lee announced long care facilities would start the reopening process.

Nursing Homes have been closed to the public since March of this year and that means that residents have been unable to visit their loved ones in person.

As a response to this, Morning Pointe Assisted Living has constructed a visitation booth that  now allows residents to visit their family members, without putting their health in jeopardy. 

The Executive Director of the assisted living home says the global pandemic has been difficult on their residents – for many reasons. 

“It’s been a challenge for the residents to be separated from their loved ones during the covid-19 pandemic.What we’ve been seeing through the recent months is that Covid has two fronts on the elderly. You have the front of keeping everybody healthy, which we have been really successful at. Then you have the front of loneliness and isolation,” says Jonathan Lowery, executive director on Morning Pointe. 

Officials with Morning Pointe say the booth allows their residents to not only see their loved ones but to also sit down and have a face to face conversation with them – while staying healthy.

“The visitation booth was a great way that we could reconnect families with each other. You only get so much with Facetime and window visits,” says Lowery.

Residents and family members can schedule their visits with the front desk and set up a time to meet in the booth. 

Life Enrichment Director for Morning Pointe says they’ve seen the morale of the residents  boosted since the booth was built.

“Everybody’s energy has shifted and they are more excited to just see their family members. With the booth they can see their whole bodies in it, so they get the full effect. They can touch through the plexiglass . It’s really important for them to get that connection with their family members,” says Leigha King, Life Enrichment Director for Morning Pointe.

Every Morning Pointe Assisted Living Facility location now has a visitation booth.

For more information on the nursing homes covid-19 pandemic response click here

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