Morning Round-up: Armed Forces Recruiting Center and Measles Outbreak in Tenn.

The Deputy Commanding General of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky will pay a visit to the Scenic City today.
Army Brigadier General Troy Kok (COKE)  will be at the Lee HWY Armed Forces Recruiting Centers at 10AM.
General Kok will address Army Reserves opportunities in Chattanooga and the U.S. Army moving forward beyond 2016.

One county in Tennessee is home to more measles cases than the rest of the U.S. combined after an outbreak that began last week.
In Shelby County, six cases so far have been confirmed.
Measles had been considered eradicated in the U.S. 16 years ago, but the anti-vaccination movement of recent years has led to new outbreaks.
The highly contagious virus often leads to mild illness, but roughly one in 1,000 cases results in death.

An Alabama state lawmaker says he has enough signatures to re-ignite an impeachment effort against Gov. Robert Bentley.
Republican Rep. Ed Henry announced Thursday that he had obtained 23 signatures on impeachment articles.
Henry says he believes Bentley has overstepped his bounds and need to be removed from office.
The articles were filed in the wake of a scandal involving Bentley and a former staffer.

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