Morning Round-up: Ga. Vietnam Veterans Honored and Chattanooga’s Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Program

Georgia’s Commissioner of Veterans Service,  along with community leaders and members will honor 180 Vietnam Veterans today.
During a presentation ceremony,  Veterans from Whitfield and surrounding counties who served during the Vietnam War will receive a State Certificate of Honor for honorable service.
They will also be issued the Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Lapel Pin.
The event happens today at Salem Baptist Church in Dalton.

The City of Chattanooga’s Department of Youth & Family Development in partnership with Major League Baseball will host an RBI opening ceremonies to kick off the new season of games
Organizers say the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program is a youth outreach effort designed to increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among under-served youth.
Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke will be on hand for the ceremonies, featuring a parade and banners at Warner Park Frost Stadium.

Today, Baylor School will conclude a two-year-long celebration marking the occasion when the college preparatory school moved to its current location on a hill overlooking the Tennessee River.
The “100 Years on the Hill” event will include the opening of a time capsule. It was placed in a cornerstone of the first building during a ceremony on April 5, 1915.

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