Morning Round-up: Crime Victims’ Rights Week and TN Fetal Remains Act

City, County and State leaders will gather this morning to honor National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
Officials will also recognize victim advocates for their work.
There will be a tree-planting ceremony during the event.
That takes place this morning at 10AM at Coolidge Park.

Legislation that would put new restrictions on the transfer of fetal remains from an abortion is close to getting to the governor.
The House on Thursday passed the Fetal Remains Act.
The sale of fetal remains is illegal in Tennessee.
The measure would make it a felony to be reimbursed for the costs of preparing, shipping or transferring an aborted fetus or fetal tissue.

Records of Tennessee Supreme Court cases that were previously only available by visiting Nashville can now be requested online.
The Tennessee State Library and Archives said the new online ordering system allows researchers to order cases dating back to the early 18-hundreds in hard copy or digital scans.
The system allows the user to search for names of ancestors or topics.

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