Mother appreciates THP trooper’s kind gesture

SWEETWATER, Tenn. (WDEF) — A mother is thankful for a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper’s kindness after her son had a meltdown.

A picture of Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Dakota Bromley and Chelsey Daniel’s son Wyatt is gaining attention.

On Christmas, the nearly two year old and his mom were on their way to a friend’s house for dinner.

“We stopped at Weigel’s in Sweetwater to get gas and of course my kid was throwing a fit. So I got him out of the car and he is obsessed with cop cars,” Daniel said.

That is when he saw a Tennessee Highway Patrol vehicle. Trooper Bromley gave the boy a teddy bear.

“It made Wyatt’s night. He wanted a picture with him. He was pointing at the car, pointing at the lights. He really just enjoyed it,” Daniel said.

She appreciates what Trooper Bromley did after her son’s meltdown.

“It was a real act of Christmas kindness really. We don’t see that much lately. The world is full of cruelty and not much kindness anymore. So it was real nice of him to make my kid’s night like that,” Daniel said.

Others are hearing about the kind gesture through Facebook.

“I was just thinking family and friends were going to like it, maybe one or two shares, but when it hit 200, 300, 400. I was like wow this is crazy,” Daniel said.

This family says they won’t forget what happened.

“This really brought the true meaning of Christmas back,” Daniel said.

According to the THP Chattanooga district, there was another recent incident where a trooper gave an upset child a gift. In that case it was a dinosaur.

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