Mother of bus crash victim reacts to Johnthony Walker’s rape charge

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — One mother, whose son was killed in the Woodmore bus crash, says her thoughts are with Johnthony Walker’s 14-year-old victim.

Diamound Brown looks over pictures of her son D’Myunn.

“Everything I do is for my son. Everything I do because I have this young man smiling down on me wanting to see his mother succeed so I have to go extra hard for him,” Brown said.

D’Myunn was one of the six children killed in the Woodmore Bus Crash in November of 2016. Johnthony Walker was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for that crash. When out on bond, while appealing his sentence, police arrested him for aggravated statutory rape in Nashville.

“The 14-year-old little girl. I immediately went into prayer for her because here we are with another victim under the hands of Johnthony Walker,” Brown said.

Some of the mothers were upset at Walker’s sentencing, hoping for more time.
Brown expected it. She says she is not surprised by this new charge.

“The system has its own rules. God has the last say and that is exactly what this situation is. What done in the dark comes to the light in any type of situation. You can only hide the demeanor of who you are for so long,” Brown said.

She is praying everything will work out.

“He may not have served justice for our kids, but he damn sure will serve some for this situation,” Brown said.

Walker is expected to be in Davidson County Court on Monday.

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