Mother daughter confrontation in East Ridge turns bloody; mom charged with arson and assault

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – A alleged confrontation between a woman and her mother has turned bloody, and now the mom is facing multiple criminal charges.

Sharon Lawson, 65, of East Ridge has been arrested and charged with aggravated arson, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

According to an affidavit obtained by News 12, the case against Lawson began when police were called to a residence in the 6900 block of Martha Avenue.

The woman who called 911 told dispatchers that she locked herself in her bedroom after being stabbed by Lawson. She also told dispatchers that Lawson was still on scene and had a shotgun.

When an officer arrived on scene, he met with Lawson who said she and her daughter had been fighting and that she was assaulted.

When the officer spoke to Lawson’s daughter, identified as Denise Sullivan, she said she and her mom had been fighting on and off for three days.

Sullivan told officers that she and her mom had just gotten into an argument over the phone ringing and that the argument turned physical when her mom grabbed a knife. According to Sullivan, her mom followed her back to her bedroom and slashed her with the knife as Sullivan attempted to close the door. Sullivan then locked the door and called 911.

Sullivan’s 8-year old son was also in the bedroom with his mom.

According to Sullivan, her mom grabbed a shotgun and went outside. Sullivan told police she looked out the bedroom window and saw her mom holding the gun and yelling for her to get out of the house.

According to the affidavit, Lawson then grabbed a shirt and a pair of flip flops and lit them on fire inside the living room. Lawson told police she was trying to smoke her daughter and grandson out the house.

The responding officers wrote in his report that the residence did have a significant amount of smoke inside.

When the officer located the shotgun, he found it to be loaded with multiple shotgun shells but not chambered.

Lawson was immediately taken into custody.

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