Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – May marks National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

All month long the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is educating people both driving in their cars and on their motorcycles of the dangers they can face when heading down the roadway.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is asking for ALL drivers to “SEE”.

“Search, Evaluate, and Execute.”

“Searching for motorcycles because they’re a smaller vehicle – you’re looking for that. You evaluate the situation,” says Captain Charles Lowery, Jr. of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office. “Check around your vehicle. Once you see that its safe then you want to Execute – whether it be a turn, changing lanes.”

There have been 9 crashes involving a motorcycle so far this year – one being fatal.

The most recent crash happened over the weekend.

“We recently had a crash on Highway 58 that will definitely help emphasize the importance of the public recognizing that motorcycles on are now on the road,” says Captain Lowery.

But its not just those behind the wheel of a car law enforcement is asking to become more aware when heading down the road.

“Night time, motorcyclists make sure that you are wearing high visibility apparatus.”

Captain Lowery advises motorcyclists to wear:

  1. Bright Clothing
  2. Clothing with Reflective Lining
  3. Thick Jackets, long sleeves shirts and long pants.

AND never forget a helmet

“Helmets are about 37% more effective in preventing motorcycle death.”

Erlanger Trauma center official Regina Young says their team sees all types of severe injuries, “Severe head injuries, what we call ‘evolusions’, to extremnities where the skin and meat is stripped of the bone.”

“Trauma services is happy to provide care, but we always want to make sure you are well protected and educated about what you can do to be safe out on the roadway,” says Young.

In Hamilton County, Alexandria Adams, News 12 NOW.

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