Motorists react to proposed hands-free law

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – Hands-free may end up being the way to be in Georgia.

“I think hands-free devices should be the way of the future.  I think Georgia is kinda a little behind the times.  I mean, I also lived in Austin, and yeah, in Austin it’s hands-free,” Erin Weathers said.

A bill heading to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s desk attempts to take the cell phones out of the hands of those behind the wheel.

If signed, Georgia will join 15 other states with hands-free laws.

“I think it’s actually a pretty reasonable law.  I think holding your cell phone while driving can cause problems,” Nicole Clemen said.

The proposed hands-free law would add to what measures the state is already taking to cut down on distracted driving.

In 2010, the state banned texting and driving.

“I’m all for people being safe while they’re driving.  I don’t know that a law necessarily makes that happen, but it might help reduce fatalities.  So, in that regard I suppose it’s a good thing,” Matt Wandel said.

In the proposed bill, people who break the law for the first-time will face a 50 dollar fine and the amount goes up from there for repeat offenders.

First-timers can purchase a hands-free device instead of the fine.

But, even using a bluetooth, some motorists feel is an interference when driving.

“No, it’s still a distraction no matter how you look at it,” Barbara Scroy said.

While going hands-free may not rid out all distractions, it may keep some off their phones and reduce crashes.

“For children, for just the safety of the populace, stay off your phones,” Shaila Worley said.

There is no word when Governor Deal will sign the bill into law.

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