Movie filmed in Walker County premieres

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – There was a red carpet premiere Wednesday night at the Walker County Civic Center of The “Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland.”

It’s a movie that was partly filmed in Walker County.

“It just made sense that my family has a farm. We already had the cows that were tamed. We had goats that were okay with people being around them,” lead of film Jim Chandler said.

In real-life, the lead actors, Jenn Gotzon and Jim Chandler, actually got married where the movie was shot.

The Christmas, family-friendly movie tells the story of a model and a farmer and is loosely based off the real-life romance of Gotzon and Chandler.

“Shhhh, it is,” Gotzon said.

“Jimmy Chandler, he actually courted me when we were dating with handwritten pen pal letters. So in the beginning of the movie this is how these characters, the farmer and the belle start to get to know each other.”

The movie was shot at places like McLemore’s Cove and Cloudland Station.

“They also shot in downtown Chickamauga. There were some locations that they used, buildings,” Walker County PR Director Joe Legge said.

“There’s actually an office building that doubled as a New York apartment loft.”

“It’s a beautiful area, couldn’t pick a more beautiful area. I love the mountains. We always had mountains in the background every angle we took,” Director Wes Llewellyn said.

Not only are most of the scenes local, but many of the people in the film are as well, and they aren’t all extras.

“I play young Josh,” Hixson Resident Benji Russell said.

“While I am only in the very beginning it was a very good move, and a very good experience.”

“I played Jim’s daughter in the movie. So, I didn’t really have a part. I was myself,” Chickamauga resident Adele Chandler said.

News 12 asked Gotzon what she hopes folks take away from the film.

“That people’s hearts would be entertained, but also experience that Christmas festive spirit as the season is beginning and then for women and girls to realize that thier value is not based on the physical appearance, their looks, but based on how they love one another,” she said.

The movie is available on DVD, online streaming services and on demand.

There will be a public screening of the movie at the Walker County Civic Center on Friday.

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