Much Needed Rain for Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – With extreme drought conditions present in Chattanooga and stretching down into north Georgia, any rain is a welcome sight.

Today the fountain isn’t the only thing in Coolidge Park that’s getting park-goers wet. We’re finally seeing some rain!

Unlike the small pop up showers that have brought limited rain in recent months, the rain this morning fell over a broader area – a steady soaking rain that the ground has chance to absorb.

The rain is great for plants, grass, and diminishing fire threats – and park goers this morning weren’t deterred by it either.

“Rain has definitely got it cooled off a little bit,” said Jonathan Skipper. He is visiting Chattanooga from Brantley county in southeast Georgia.

After all, rain and cloud cover meant temperatures stayed below 90° for the first time in over 2 weeks. Today’s high temperature was 84° – the lowest high temperature we’ve seen since June 5. It also snapped our streak of 26 straight days of temperatures at or above average.

And if you’re going to get wet from rain, you might as well jump in the fountain too!

Many kids were splashing around in the man-made puddle, while others were just taking in the sights along the River.

Mark Petrick is from Orlando, but was enjoying the wet morning at Coolidge Park. “We’re just in Chattanooga for one day on our way to Atlanta and we thought we’d check it out. Unfortunately, we got some rain but beautiful city, people are real nice, and we’re really enjoying it,” he said.

Chattanooga is more than 9 inches behind in rain for the year as we have seen month after month of below average rainfall. July is our average 3rd wettest month.

Visitors to the region have noticed the dry conditions and are happy to see the rain.

“We noticed the creeks and streams in the mountains have been pretty dry. We was actually hoping the rain would get them filled up a bit for us so we can get out there and play in the water,” said Jonathan Skipper.

His girlfriend said that the dry conditions have impacted their visit. “We brought a lot of kids with us expecting to go play in the streams and stuff, and they’re all dried up so this rain is going to be a blessing if it fills up the creeks,” said Shelby.

As of 5pm, Chattanooga had picked up 0.15″ of rain at the airport – not enough to put a dent in the drought, but it keeps the deficit from growing today.

Here’s to more rainy days to help us turn around this drought!


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