How much will veteran taxbreak cost Hamilton County?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Hamilton county commission on Wednesday heard some final numbers from its vote to lower property taxes for senior citizens and veterans.

The commission last year adopted the state law that allows members of those two groups to pay less.

The county assessor told commissioners that the program will be offered to 3718 Hamilton county residents.

That would include 535 Veterans.

Assessor Bill Hullander said “The average amount will be about a hundred and thirty six dollars, is what the average will be, averaging the veterans and the elderly out. So we’re asking you that we need to amend the budget by five hundred thousand dollars, to take care of the expenses of this for what y’all so gratefully did.”

Commissioner Joe Graham said “This is the senior tax relief program that we put into place here, I believe we voted unanimous for that if I’m not mistaken, and uh, and so these are the fruits of that labor is that right?”

HULLANDER: “That’s exactly right and see the State has been doing this program for several years, and the county has participated in that. Each year the amount goes up from the state, and the state amount that they give to the elderly, is about 186 dollars, and then the county, you folks voted to do half of that so they get ninety three, thirty three I think it is.”

Hullander says the program has been well received so far, but that many local residents are calling his office to ask about the check they received in the mail.

Commissioner Greg Back said “We’re certainly proud to have all of us involved in making this thing happen, it’s just been a year now, hasn’t it? So we’re looking forward to many, many more people signing up and getting involved in finding out how to do it.”

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