Mullet magic invading Tennessee Valley basketball

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A new craze has taken over high school sports in the Tennessee Valley — the mullet.

Cleveland senior Kley McGowan has always been business in the front. Two years ago, he decided to add the party in the back.

“Baseball season, everybody wanted to have a mullet, so I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll go ahead and do it right now so I can start it and make it look good,'” McGowan said. “So I started it then and ever since then I’ve had it.”

“He showed up at practice and I was like looking around like, ‘What are you doing, son?'” Coach Reggie Tucker said. “Now I won’t let him cut it. He’s been playing well ever since. I’m like, ‘You ain’t cutting that until you graduate. After you graduate, you can cut it. You can go bald. Whatever. But right now we’re going to keep that.”

When asked how much of his recent success should be attributed to the mullet, McGowan said all of it.

“Whenever I started the mullet, that’s whenever I started getting better and picking up and so ever since then, my mom went and got shirts and giving them to my friends, and they said ‘Fear the Mullet,'” McGowan said.

“I mean, it grew so fast,” Tucker said. “Kids coming with mullet t-shirts, and banners and posters of Kley at the games. Kids having him sign their t-shirts. I mean, he has young kids growing mullets. I mean, elementary kids growing mullets. He’s got high school kids getting mullets.”

It’s not just Cleveland kids growing mullets either. The sixth-ranked East Hamilton Hurricanes have a magical mullet of their own.

“It’s just something new. I feel like everybody laughs at it, so why not make everybody laugh,” said senior Haynes Eller, who’s been growing his since the start of football season. “No one likes it. Everyone wants me to cut it. Mom, dad, everybody. But I’m on my own about it.”

“He comes in the fall, and I see more of the power mullet. Then he comes into basketball season, and he’s straight Kentucky waterfall,” Coach Andy Webb said. “He’s pushing Joe Dirt now. He’s teasing it out. So it’s here. The mullet’s back.”

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