Multiple Dogs Attack Woman

A Bradley county woman was brutally attacked by two Pitbulls and a German Shepherd Wednesday morning in Cleveland. This marks the 4th dog attack incident in that area in the past four weeks alone.

Dustin Phillips, Cleveland resident said, "It’s a big problem. All of the neighbors are furious about it." 73-year old Patty Debusk was bitten in multiple places on both legs by the dogs as she was out walking Wednesday morning along Maryland Circle. Sheriff Eric Watson, Bradley County Sheriff’s Office said, "She yelled for help. The dog’s owner came out of the house onto the porch and yelled for the dogs. The dogs then retreated back to the house, and then the lady had to yell for another neighbor that actually came out of house and called 911."

And this isn’t the first time this neighborhood has had issues concerning dogs. Bradley Deputies have warned 38-year old Tammy Lynette Morales about her dogs in the past. One neighbor a few houses down from Morales tells us that his five year old was attacked twice. Phillips said, "They have no fence. They have no way of keeping it on its leash. They try to put a harness on it, I’m not sure if they don’t know how to put the harness on right or if the dog wiggles out of it." Phillips has called the Police numerous times about this Pitbull in just the past week. Phillips said, "Every time it gets off its leash, it gets off to hunt. It’s hunting in our neighborhood."

The county had animal control services until March 2013 when the contract with the City of Cleveland was not renegotiated by the County Commission, and the Sheriff’s Office is not set up to provide animal control. Sheriff Watson said, "There are a few people that don’t believe in the Leash Law. And to let you know though, it is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your dog on a leash and keep it in your yard."

Morales was charged with a Dog at Large Felony. Sheriff Watson will present a plan to the County Commission that includes a facility and enforcement to properly deal with these situations. As for the victim, she was treated and transported to a local hospital.

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