Murray County plans for two quarterbacks to cure losing streak

MURRAY COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — The Murray County Indians have been searching for success for five years. This year, they might have found the magic formula, with *two* experienced quarterbacks preparing to play.

“We all just want to win, and Murray hasn’t done that in a long time,” quarterback Tyson Leonard said.

Murray County has been overshadowed and overlooked for the last 15 years. The Cherokees are using that as motivation.

“I think it just pushes us harder because everybody behind us hasn’t done good,” running back Taylor Carrell said.

“The object is to keep improving, so I feel like we’re headed in that direction. We’re better today than we were yesterday, so that’s a good sign,” coach Chad Brewer said.

Murray lost most of their top talent to graduation, but thanks to the pandemic, this year’s starters already have valuable experience.

“Some of these younger guys got to play a lot on Friday nights because of quarantines and some of those seniors missing. So they’re really experienced players, so I feel like they’re ready,” Brewer said.

Murray’s hoping opposing defenses won’t be ready for their two quarterback plan.

“We want coaches to have to prepare for two different guys with two different skill sets and not just work on a certain set all week,” Brewer said.

“You plan for one quarterback and you might get the other. You might get a mixture of both. It’s great honestly because it’s like two different offenses almost,” fullback Cameron Hunter said.

“I think teams are going to have a hard time holding up with all of us or whatever because we can actually spread the field really fast,” quarterback Justice Knotts said.

“1999 was the last region championship. Our last trip to the playoffs was 2005. Our last winning season was 2016. So we’ve got a lot of work to do because that’s where we want to be,” Brewer said.

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