My Best Me Health Tip: Starches

Starches are a big topic because those are the key foods that’s causing all kind of havoc on our health and our society. Too many starches can lead to obesity, obviously can lead to diabetes but pressure, depression, it can really affect every aspect of your life.

So watch the starches, that is the key here. Not just crystallized sugar but things like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sweets; all those products are what’s causing havoc on our system because we’re taking in way more sugar.

What your body can process so what does the body do with all the extra starches and sugar? It activates your fat cells production and it stores all that sugar as fat. Number one reason for obesity is too many starches and sugar in our diet.

So watch your starches. Eat one serving per meal, never eats two servings in the same meal. For more information check us out on the My Best Me page.

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