NAACP holds press conference for family that was broken up

COFFEE COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Franklin County NAACP held a press conference today in Coffee County, speaking up for the Williams-Clayborne Family.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol performed a traffic stop on that family last month.

After one parent was taken into custody, all five of their kids, including one nursing infant, were taken away by the DCS.

The NAACP is calling their treatment unjust. They are urging Coffee County to release Deonte Williams and reunite the parents with their kids.

Jimmie Garland is the vice president for the Middle Tennessee NAACP.

“We are hoping that we can get Mr. Williams released back to the family. We are hoping that the children will be released back to the family, wherever they might be,” Garland said. “Some say that they still have them, some say they have already released them to the woman’s relatives. But they need to be with the mother and need to be with their dad. That would be utopia for us, the family and the NAACP.”

Both Deonte Williams and Bianca Clayborne appeared in court on Monday, March 20.

The session was closed, and there are no details on their next steps.


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