Local NAACP holds press conference on Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – In a press conference Monday night, local NAACP President Dr. Elenora Woods discussed what they’re doing about the allegations of police brutality against the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

“We just have a lot of issues and questions and concerns about the way the sheriff’s department is being ran and the oversight of the sheriff’s department,” Woods said,

The latest allegations stem from Hamilton County Deputy Daniel Wilkey.

He was indicted on 44 criminal charges, including rape and sexual battery.

The indictment claims Wilkey committed multiple crimes while on the job.

“I would just say to Sheriff Hammond today. That is who we are making reference to is that we are open to look at the things that have happened and if he feels in his heart, he’s a Christian man. He’s stated he is a Christian man and he feels and he knows in his heart that he has caused harm to the people of this community that he would do that right thing,” Woods said.

She said they have an action plan and they are working with their legal team to gather evidence.

That includes obtaining public records.

“We will be looking for policies, guidelines with the sheriff’s department with regards to the sheriff’s position. What his job description is, employment records,” Woods said.

A group of ministers have previously called for the sheriff to resign.

Woods said at this point they will not comment on their position.

“Don’t mistake that for us not holding us accountable for what has happened under his jurisdiction, under his supervision and that if there is wrong doing that we find and that we have evidence for then he will be made accountable for that,” she said.

News 12 reached out to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office for a comment.

They sent us the following quote from Sheriff Jim Hammond:

“When addressing issues relative to employees and civil service, there is a process in place to which I must follow and that process has to be given time to work.”

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