NAACP Lays Out Plan to Help End Violence in Chattanooga

(WDEF)  New Hamilton County NAACP President Dr. Elenora Woods calls for action after a particularly bloody night in Chattanooga.  She and other members of the black community held a press conference where Chattanooga Police say 17-year-old Cortez Sims shot four people.
        Dr. Woods explained, "We started.  We’ve got our foot in the right direction, but more needs to be done.  We need to pull in our community leaders that are on the ground in these communities."
        They point to Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke’s Violence Reduction Initiative as a good start, but say much more needs to be done.
        Warbrit Lowery is a 2nd Vice President for the NAACP.  He said, "I think the community needs to be involved.  So that we can get grassroots people there discussing their problems and talking to us more."
        Dr. Woods added, "The problem is a dis-investment of black communities and lack of resources.  Like any other neighborhood.  You cannot divest from these communities.  You need to continue to add resources and that’s what we’re going to be working on.  Putting the money back in our communities."
        She and other NAACP members plan to hold meetings with city officials and community leaders to find the best solution.
        Pastor Charlotte S. Williams of the Eastdale Village Community United Methodist Church said, "The cries that we’re hearing throughout our communities are cries that have been unanswered and unheard.  The violence that we see in our community are the voice as well as the language of the unheard."
        And the violence extends beyond just the site of the shooting at College Hill Courts.
        Dr. Woods added for anyone living anywhere in Chattanooga: "You’re not isolated.  You need to understand that.  You’re not isolated."
        Members plan to hold meetings with Chattanooga City Council committees and community leaders within the next few weeks.
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